Local Authority

Mobilising stakeholder-wide climate action in support of net zero ambitions

Called a climate emergency and in the process of working out how you can get your communities and wider stakeholders, including the hard to reach and those with protective characteristics, engaged and on side in making positive change towards beating climate change?

Trying to work out who you need to be communicating and engaging with and the best channels to do so?

Want to create a movement that gains momentum so that the community is the driving force behind positive change?

Want to ensure healthier, greener, more inclusive, collaborative and equitable communities arising from your climate action plan?

Looking to attract funding to support your ambitions in combating climate change?

Ambitions to be held up as an exemplar carbon-neutral town or city?

Since the declaration of climate emergencies across the country, JBP has developed a model for creating high impact communications and engagement strategies for city and town-wide climate action programmes which are designed to support behavioural change to meet net zero targets, attract the necessary funding support and create a social legacy where no one gets left behind.


  • Developing a strategic communications and engagement strategy for one of the boroughs in London
  • Leading the communications and engagement approach for a city-wide energy transformation programme